Top 10 best restaurants in Wilmington, NC and their FOOD SPECIALS!

Obviously, all opinions of these restaurants are MY OWN (and my family) I am no food network restaurant judge, but these are the top 10 restaurants in Wilmington, NC that I visit on a weekly basis and continue to return to week after week because, well, YUM.

Sitting at home on a Wednesday wondering where you can get a $5 burger? Feeling lazy on a Tuesday and just having a wild craving for a $2 taco? Need that $2 mimosa on a Sunday?

Look no further- my boyfriend, family, and I have scoped out the best food specials at our favorite restaurants in Wilmington, NC and I am here to share the love with you. I’m famous for keeping a note in my phone of what nights have the specials that we love, so I recommend you do the same (or save this blog post or share it to your facebook page)

1. Yosake


Sunday is our preferred day of the week to visit this eclectic downtown spot. Located above The Husk, and Below Dram & Morsel, on Sundays they offer 1/2 price bottles of wine, and buy one, get one free sushi rolls and select entrees… Say no more. Sunday is also our day of choice because it is much less crowded than the normal two hour wait on a Friday or Saturday night. Luckily, this is one of the few restaurants in Wilmington that uses the Open Table app on your iPhone, so you can book your table in advance.

2. K-38, K-Bueno, Tower 7


Okay so yes this is three different restaurants, but they are all owned by the same company and have the same dinner specials, just on different nights of the week. On Tuesdays if we’re down towards Wrightsville Beach, we stop in Tower 7 for $2 hard tacos and $3 soft tacos, as well as $1 PBR if you’re into that sort of thing. If you happen to miss this amazing special on Tuesday, in Porters Neck on Wednesday they have the same special at K-38, so there’s literally no reason to miss it. While you’re there- try the prickly pear margarita and their massive selection of hot sauces.

3. Waterman’s Brewing Company


For the best freshly brewed beer in town and a tuna sandwich that melts in your mouth, head to Waterman’s on Pavilion Place by the beach. On Wednesday’s they offer 50 cent wings, and I highly recommend sitting at the bar because they have some of the sweetest bartenders around! If you don’t want to sit at the bar, ask for John- he has become one of our favorite servers when we choose to sit at a table, tell him Caroline sent you!

4. True Blue Butcher and Table


So this is a newer spot in town, located in the forum they have a super funky atmosphere and a large bar perfect for a big get together. On Wednesday’s if we aren’t feeling tacos, we find ourselves here for $3 drafts and $5 bacon cheeseburgers that are to DIE for! This burger is normally $13, so to enjoy it for $5 is such a great deal. While you’re there, try the macaroni and cheese or the grits, you will not be disappointed.

5. Hops Supply Co.


Need your $2 mimosa fix? Every Sunday, Hops Supply Co. on Oleander Dr. has $2 mimosas, $5 bloody marys, and $2 flirtini (champagne, vodka, triple sec, pineapple juice). Aside from their delicious cocktails, they are intricate waffles and plenty of eggs and sausage to serve up as you nurse that hangover and enjoy their live music every Sunday until 3pm.

6. Wrightsville Beach Brewery


If you haven’t caught on to the trend of places my family and I like to visit, i’ll give you a hint… BREWERIES. Something about a locally brewed beer with dinner really just puts you in a good mood. Unfortunately, WBB doesn’t have a specific day that they have a really great special, their specials are pizza and slider specials nightly. It’s chef choice and you never know what you’re going to get when you go in, which make it even more fun. Between their large beer list and their tempura cauliflower, this is one of those places that we end up once a week.

7. The Basics


Located downtown in the Cotton Exchange, The Basics is home to some of the most fantastic breakfast and brunch you have ever had. They serve up some delicious southern cuisine like a spin on a regular Eggs Benedict by using a buttermilk biscuit, and a twist on a BLT called the BELT because it has eggs in it. This is another place that fills up quickly on a Saturday or Sunday morning, so get there early!

8. Indochine


This place is nothing like you would expect it to be just from standing outside of the front doors, but once inside and in their outdoor garden seating area, you are instantly transported for an extravagant trip through Thailand and Vietnam for a ride that you tastebuds are sure to love.

9. Johnny Lukes Gastropub


Thursday nights they have $5 appetizers and $3 craft drafts and if that doesn’t scream dinner for you, I don’t know what will. This place is located on Market St. next to a very large Adam & Eve but don’t let that deter you. Home to one of the coolest rooftop bars, each night of the week there’s a special, but Thursday just happens to be our favorite one. Their Prefix menu is incredible and you can’t leave there without trying the brie appetizer. Bon Appetit!

10. Sweet N Savory


I feel like this is a no brainer, but to wrap up my list I had to tell my people about where to get the best eggs benedict in all of Wilmington. There is no shortage of hollandaise on this menu, and their bloody marys are served in TALL glasses. Every Wednesday they have a wine tasting to pair with the dinner menu, but this is one of those places I stick to going to in the morning, so yummy!

This is just my top 10 favorites, but I have PLENTY more delicious restaurant favorites here in Wilmington, NC- If you want to know more, enter your email below and I’ll send you my extended list! (NO SPAM)



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